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Immune body

immune body n.
Antibody. No longer in technical use.


Read Also:

  • Immune-complex

    noun 1. an aggregate of an antigen and its specific antibody. /ˈɪmjʊnəʊˌkɒmplɛks/ noun 1. a complex formed between an antibody and an antigen immune complex n. Any of various complexes of an antigen and an antibody in the blood, to which complement may also be fixed, and which may form a precipitate.

  • Immune complex disease

    immune complex disease n. A disease caused by the deposition of antigen-antibody or antigen-antibody-complement complexes on the surface of cells, resulting in the development of chronic or acute inflammation, which may be manifested by vasculitis, endocarditis, neuritis, or glomerulonephritis.

  • Immune deficiency

    immune deficiency n. See immunodeficiency.

  • Immune electron microscopy

    immune electron microscopy n. The use of an electron microscope to examine viral specimens bound to specific antibody.

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