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a fund of petty cash.


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  • Imprest

    [im-prest] /ˈɪm prɛst/ noun 1. an advance of money; loan. [im-prest] /ɪmˈprɛst/ verb, Archaic. 1. simple past tense and past participle of 1 . verb, Archaic. 1. simple past tense and past participle of 2 . [verb im-pres; noun im-pres] /verb ɪmˈprɛs; noun ˈɪm prɛs/ verb (used with object), impressed or (Archaic) imprest; impressing. 1. […]

  • Imprimatur

    [im-pri-mah-ter, -mey-, -prahy-] /ˌɪm prɪˈmɑ tər, -ˈmeɪ-, -praɪ-/ noun 1. an official license to print or publish a book, pamphlet, etc., especially a license issued by a censor of the Roman Catholic Church. Compare . 2. sanction or approval; support: Our plan has the company president’s imprimatur. /ˌɪmprɪˈmeɪtə; -ˈmɑː-/ noun 1. (RC Church) a licence […]

  • Imprimis

    [im-prahy-mis, -pree-] /ɪmˈpraɪ mɪs, -ˈpri-/ adverb 1. in the first place. /ɪmˈpraɪmɪs/ adverb 1. (archaic) in the first place

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    [noun im-print; verb im-print] /noun ˈɪm prɪnt; verb ɪmˈprɪnt/ noun 1. a mark made by pressure; a mark or figure impressed or printed on something. 2. any impression or impressed effect: He left the imprint of his thought on all succeeding scholars. 3. Bibliography. 4. any marketing name used by a company or organization for […]

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