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[in loh-koh pah-ren-tees; English in loh-koh puh-ren-tis] /ɪn ˈloʊ koʊ pɑˈrɛn tis; English ɪn ˈloʊ koʊ pəˈrɛn tɪs/

adverb, Latin.
in the place or role of a parent.
/ɪn ˈləʊkəʊ pəˈrɛntɪs/
in place of a parent: said of a person acting in a parental capacity

Latin, literally “in the place of a parent” (see parent).
in loco parentis [(in loh-koh puh-ren-tis)]

To assume the duties and responsibilities of a parent: “Because Jack’s parents were out of town, his sister acted in loco parentis and punished him for staying out so late.” From Latin, meaning “in the place of a parent.”

Note: At one time, colleges and universities acted in loco parentis for their students, but this is no longer true.


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