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In the spotlight

adjective phrase

Singled out for close attention; prominent: He was a public figure, but hated being in the spotlight (1904+)


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  • In the straight lane

    adverb phrase Of a normal and respectable sort, esp not criminal nor homosexual nor drug-addicted: referred her to Booth Street for another chance at life in the straight lane (1970s+)

  • In the throes

    In the midst of, especially of a difficult struggle. For example, The country was in the throes of economic collapse, or We were in the throes of giving a formal dinner when my in-laws arrived. The noun throe, meaning “a severe pang or spasm of pain,” was at first used mainly for such physical events […]

  • In the toilet

    adjective phrase In very dire straits; standing a clear last: Thirty-one years ago, when the Mets were really in the toilet, sportswriters rallied New Yorkers by touting the Mets’ incompetence as symbolic of underdog struggle (1980s+)

  • In the tooth

    Related Terms long in the tooth

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