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[in-dee-uh n-res-uh l] /ˈɪn di ənˌrɛs əl/

verb (used without object), Indian-wrestled, Indian-wrestling.
to engage in Indian wrestling:
to Indian-wrestle for the city championship.
verb (used with object), Indian-wrestled, Indian-wrestling.
to contend with (another person) in Indian wrestling:
to Indian-wrestle any and all challengers.
a form of wrestling in which two opponents clasp each other’s right or left hand and, placing the corresponding feet side by side, attempt to unbalance each other.
a form of wrestling in which two opponents, lying side by side on their backs and in opposite directions, lock near arms and raise and lock corresponding legs, with each attempting to force the other’s leg down until one opponent is unable to remain lying flat.


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