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Inertial fusion

(physics) a type of nuclear fusion in which the inertia of matter enables it to fuse by impact, as by pulses of laser radiation or high-energy charged particles, rather than by high temperature


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  • Inertial-guidance

    noun, Navigation. 1. a guidance system for an aerospace vehicle, in which self-contained devices determine the vehicle’s course on the basis of the directions and magnitudes of the accelerations it undergoes in flight. noun 1. a method of controlling the flight path of a missile by instruments contained within it. Velocities or distances covered, computed […]

  • Inertial-mass

    noun, Physics. 1. the mass of a body as determined by the second law of motion from the acceleration of the body when it is subjected to a force that is not due to gravity. 2. the measure of the property of inertia. Compare , (def 2a), . noun 1. the mass of a body […]

  • Inertial observer

    noun 1. a hypothetical observer who is not accelerated with respect to an inertial system. Newton’s laws of motion and the special theory of relativity apply to the measurements which would be made by such observers

  • Inertial-platform

    noun, Navigation. 1. self-contained navigational devices used in inertial guidance, along with their mounting.

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