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noun, Astronomy.
the alignment of an inferior planet between the sun and the earth.
inferior conjunction
See under conjunction.


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  • Inferior court

    noun 1. a court of limited jurisdiction 2. any court other than the Supreme Court of Judicature

  • Inferior dental plexus

    inferior dental plexus n. A plexus that is formed by branches of the inferior alveolar nerve interlacing before they supply the teeth and gives off dental and gingival branches.

  • Inferior epigastric vein

    inferior epigastric vein n. A vein that corresponds to the inferior epigastric artery and empties into the external iliac vein.

  • Inferior ganglion of vagus

    inferior ganglion of vagus n. A large sensory ganglion of the vagus nerve, in front of the internal jugular vein.

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