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Inferior temporal sulcus

inferior temporal sulcus n.
The sulcus on the basal aspect of the temporal lobe, separating the fusiform gyrus from the inferior temporal gyrus on its lateral side.


Read Also:

  • Inferior thalamic peduncle

    inferior thalamic peduncle n. A large fiber bundle emerging from the anterior part of the thalamus in the ventral direction.

  • Inferior thalamostriate vein

    inferior thalamostriate vein inferior thal·a·mo·stri·ate vein (thāl’ə-mō-strī’āt’) n. Any of the tributaries to the basal vein that drain the thalamus and striate body and exit through the anterior perforated substance.

  • Inferior thyroid vein

    inferior thyroid vein n. A vein that is formed by veins from the isthmus and lateral lobe of the thyroid gland and the plexus thyroideus impar, terminating in the left brachiocephalic vein.

  • Inferior vein of eyelid

    inferior vein of eyelid n. Any of the tributaries of the superior ophthalmic vein draining the upper eyelid.

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