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Information fatigue


stress caused by overload of information and trying to assimilate the information; also, a stress disorder, also called [information fatigue syndrome]
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  • Information fatigue syndrome

    noun a weariness or overwhelming feeling of being faced with an indigestible or incomprehensible amount of information See information fatigue Word Origin based on chronic fatigue syndrome Usage Note computing slang, abbr. IFS

  • Information highway

    information superhighway

  • Information innovation

    A group of companies with offices in Amsterdam and New York which acts as an information filter for the World-Wide Web. They analyse what happens in the Web community and organise the Web’s information so that it is accessible and efficient to use. Information Innovation provides: “The Management Guide” – a guide for managers in […]

  • Information island

    jargon A body of information (i.e. electronic files) that needs to be shared but has no network connection. (1995-03-16)

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