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[verb in-surt; noun in-surt] /verb ɪnˈsɜrt; noun ˈɪn sɜrt/

verb (used with object)
to put or place in:
to insert a key in a lock.
to introduce or cause to be introduced into the body of something:
to insert an extra paragraph in an article.
something or to be .
an extra leaf or section, printed independently, for binding or tipping into a book or periodical, especially a leaf or section consisting of an illustration or advertisement printed on different paper.
any small picture, device, etc., surrounded partly or completely by body type.
a paper, circular, etc., placed within the folds of a newspaper or the leaves of a book, periodical, etc.
Movies, Television. a cut-in.
verb (transitive) (ɪnˈsɜːt)
to put in or between; introduce
to introduce, as into text, such as a newspaper; interpolate
noun (ˈɪnsɜːt)
something inserted

another word for cut in (sense 6)

“to set in, put or place in,” 1520s, from insert, past participle of Middle English inseren “to set in place, to graft, to introduce (into the mind)” (late 14c.), from Latin inserere “to put in, implant,” from in- “in” (see in- (2)) + serere “join together” (see series). Related: Inserted; inserting. The noun meaning “something inserted” is from 1893.


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