of, relating to, or established by .
of or relating to organized establishments, foundations, societies, or the like, or to the buildings devoted to their work.
of the nature of an .
characterized by the blandness, drabness, uniformity, and lack of individualized attention attributed to large that serve many people:
institutional food.
(of advertising) having as the primary object the establishment of goodwill and a favorable reputation rather than the immediate sale of the product.
pertaining to or principles, especially of jurisprudence.
Contemporary Examples

The simple fact is that racism—both personal, institutional, and structural—remains a force in American life.
Racism Not a Problem Anymore? Don’t Be Ridiculous, It’s Still a Big Issue Jamelle Bouie December 2, 2013

The upshot is to immerse oneself in a crash course on institutional racism and police brutality.
The War on Drugs Is What Makes Thugs John McWhorter August 20, 2014

Of these popular perceptions, institutional leaders were dismissive, unconcerned, or unsure.
Pew Survey Raises More Questions About American Jewry Brent E. Sasley October 2, 2013

In the post-war days of February 1947, Cartier-Bresson had his first institutional retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.
The True Henri Cartier-Bresson Sarah Moroz February 12, 2014

Universities are part of this equation because they are complicit, at an institutional level, with militarism and illegality.
Why Academic Boycotts? Jake Lynch December 18, 2012

Historical Examples

A line underneath a square or circle shows that institutional care has been received.
Abstracts of Papers Read at the First International Eugenics Congress Various

In speaking he would have been constitutional, in holding his tongue he was institutional.
The Cult of Incompetence Emile Faguet

The problem, now as then, was its translation into institutional terms.
Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham Harold J. Laski

It is not possible to make of every rural church an institutional church.
Chapters in Rural Progress Kenyon L. Butterfield

A Methodist Episcopal institutional church, admirably equipped, was opened in 1906.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 6 Various

of, relating to, or characteristic of institutions
dull, routine, and uniform: institutional meals
relating to principles or institutes, esp of law

1610s, from institution + -al (1).

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