an act or instance of .
the state of being .
the complete separation from others of a person suffering from contagious or infectious disease; quarantine.
the separation of a nation from other nations by .
Psychoanalysis. a process whereby an idea or memory is divested of its emotional component.
Sociology, .
Contemporary Examples

Sarah Shourd, once held in isolation by the Iranian government, on why so many people now want the system reformed.
The Case Against Solitary Confinement Sarah Shourd July 23, 2013

Is Lost an admission of Abrams fear of flying or perhaps about his more general phobias of abandonment and isolation?
Film-Inspired Cocktails: Super 8 Brody Brown June 9, 2011

She came into the isolation center with a [temperature] of 40 degrees [104 Fahrenheit], and that was too high for a 6-year-old.
‘Her Survival Was a Miracle’: The 6-Year-Old Who Beat Ebola Wade C.L. Williams October 22, 2014

Bodies were covered with bleach and buried, and isolation huts burned.
1976 Vs. Today: Ebola’s Terrifying Evolution Abby Haglage September 9, 2014

No one has gone back yet to look, but the key thing is getting this isolation and then being able to bend the curve.
Meet America’s New Top Ebola Fighter Abby Haglage September 25, 2014

Historical Examples

The isolation of England has ended in the isolation of Germany.
The Secrets of a Kuttite Edward O. Mousley

In the light of morning the isolation of the inn is more apparent than at night.
Yorkshire Painted And Described Gordon Home

At nine o’clock that night the isolation pavilion was ready for the night.
Love Stories Mary Roberts Rinehart

Otherwise why the pedigree, why the rigid castes, the isolation of women?
City of Endless Night Milo Hastings

Jupiter, pitying her isolation and admiring her beauty, resolved to go down and converse with her for a little while.
Myths of Greece and Rome H. A. Guerber

the act of isolating or the condition of being isolated
(of a country, party, etc) nonparticipation in or withdrawal from international politics

social separation of a person who has or is suspected of having a contagious disease Compare quarantine
(as modifier): an isolation hospital

(sociol) a lack of contact between persons, groups, or whole societies
(social psychol) the failure of an individual to maintain contact with others or genuine communication where interaction with others persists
in isolation, without regard to context, similar matters, etc

1800, noun of action from isolate, or else from French isolation, noun of action from isoler (see isolated).

isolation i·so·la·tion (ī’sə-lā’shən)
The act of isolating or the state of being isolated.

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