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[in-struhk-tris] /ɪnˈstrʌk trɪs/

a woman who instructs; teacher.


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  • Instrumental

    [in-struh-men-tl] /ˌɪn strəˈmɛn tl/ adjective 1. serving or acting as an instrument or means; useful; helpful. 2. performed on or written for a musical instrument or instruments: instrumental music. 3. of or relating to an instrument or tool. 4. Grammar. noun 5. Grammar. 6. a musical composition played by an instrument or a group of […]

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    noun, Psychology. 1. (def 1).

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    [in-struh-men-tl-iz-uh m] /ˌɪn strəˈmɛn tlˌɪz əm/ noun, Philosophy. 1. the variety of pragmatism developed by John Dewey, maintaining that the truth of an idea is determined by its success in the active solution of a problem and that the value of ideas is determined by their function in human experience. /ˌɪnstrəˈmɛntəˌlɪzəm/ noun 1. a system […]

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    [in-struh-men-tl-ist] /ˌɪn strəˈmɛn tl ɪst/ noun 1. a person who plays a musical . 2. an advocate of instrumentalism. adjective 3. of, relating to, or advocating instrumentalism. /ˌɪnstrəˈmɛntəlɪst/ noun 1. a person who plays a musical instrument 2. (philosophy) a person who believes in the doctrines of instrumentalism adjective 3. of or relating to instrumentalism […]

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