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(of a drug) intermediate in its effects between long- and short-acting drugs Compare long-acting, short-acting


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  • Intermediate antebrachial vein

    intermediate antebrachial vein intermediate an·te·bra·chi·al vein (ān’tē-brā’kē-əl) n. A vein that begins at the base of the dorsum of the thumb, curves around the radial side, ascends the middle of the forearm, and just below the bend of the elbow divides into the intermediate basilic and the intermediate cephalic veins.

  • Intermediate basilic vein

    intermediate basilic vein n. The medial branch of the intermediate antebrachial vein that joins the basilic vein.

  • Intermediate-card

    noun, Textiles. 1. a card used in the carding process to transfer sliver from the breaker card to the finisher card.

  • Intermediate-care

    noun 1. an intermediate level of healthcare for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly people, especially in a facility for this purpose. 2. a level of nursing care that is supervised by physicians or a registered nurse, intermediate between intensive and basic care.

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