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[in-ter-muhn-deyn, -muhn-deyn] /ˌɪn tərˈmʌn deɪn, -mʌnˈdeɪn/

existing in the space between worlds or heavenly bodies:
intermundane space.
of, relating to, or between heavenly bodies.


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    [muhs-kyuh-ler] /ˈmʌs kyə lər/ adjective 1. of or relating to or the : muscular strain. 2. dependent on or affected by the : muscular strength. 3. having well-developed ; brawny. 4. vigorously and forcefully expressed, executed, performed, etc., as if by the use of a great deal of muscular power: a muscular response to terrorism. […]

  • Intermuscular gluteal bursa

    intermuscular gluteal bursa in·ter·mus·cu·lar gluteal bursa (ĭn’tər-mŭs’kyə-lər) n. Any of several small bursae located between the tendon of the gluteus maximus and the rough line of the shaft of the femur. Also called gluteofemoral bursa.

  • Intermuscular septum

    intermuscular septum n. Any of the aponeurotic sheets separating various muscles of the extremities, including the anterior and posterior crural septa, the lateral and medial femoral septa, and the lateral and medial humeral septa.

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    [in-ter-myoo-chool] /ˌɪn tərˈmyu tʃul/ noun, Architecture. 1. a space between two .

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