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[in-tohn] /ɪnˈtoʊn/

verb (used with object), intoned, intoning.
to utter with a particular tone or voice modulation.
to give tone or variety of tone to; vocalize.
to utter in a singing voice (the first tones of a section in a liturgical service).
to recite or chant in monotone.
verb (used without object), intoned, intoning.
to speak or recite in a singing voice, especially in monotone; chant.
Music. to produce a tone, or a particular series of tones, like a scale, especially with the voice.
to utter, recite, or sing (a chant, prayer, etc) in a monotonous or incantatory tone
(intransitive) to speak with a particular or characteristic intonation or tone
to sing (the opening phrase of a psalm, etc) in plainsong

late 14c., entunen “sing, chant, recite,” from Old French entoner “sing, chant” (13c.), from Medieval Latin intonare “sing according to tone,” from Latin in- “in” (see in- (2)) + tonus “tone,” from Greek tonos (see tenet). A different verb intone was in use 17c.18c., from Latin intonare “to thunder, resound,” figuratively “to cry out vehemently,” from tonare “to thunder.” Related: Intoned; intoning.


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