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[yuh-nes-koh, ee-uh-] /yəˈnɛs koʊ, i ə-/

[French œ-zhen;; English yoo-jeen,, yoo-jeen] /French œˈʒɛn;; English yuˈdʒin,, ˈyu dʒin/ (Show IPA), 1912–94, French playwright, born in Romania.
/ˌiːəˈnɛskəʊ; French jɔnɛsko/
Eugène (øʒɛn). 1912–94, French dramatist, born in Romania; a leading exponent of the theatre of the absurd. His plays include The Bald Prima Donna (1950) and Rhinoceros (1960)


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