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[ee-oh] /ˈi oʊ/

noun, plural ios.
a small hawk, Buteo solitarius, having two plumage phases and occurring only on the island of Hawaii, where it is a rare species and the only living indigenous bird of prey.
[ahy-oh, ee-oh] /ˈaɪ oʊ, ˈi oʊ/
noun, plural Ios.
[ahy-oh, ee-oh] /ˈaɪ oʊ, ˈi oʊ/
Classical Mythology. a woman who, being loved by Zeus, was transformed into a white heifer and was, at the wish of Hera, first guarded by Argus and later pursued through the world by a gadfly until she reached Egypt, where she resumed her true shape: identified by the Egyptians with Isis.
Astronomy. a large volcanically active moon of the planet Jupiter.
British Indian Ocean Territory
(Greek myth) a maiden loved by Zeus and turned into a white heifer by either Zeus or Hera
the innermost of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter, displaying intense volcanic activity. Diameter: 3640 km; orbital radius: 422 000 km
Chemical symbol

in Greek mythology, daughter of the river god Inachus, she was pursued by Zeus and consequently changed into a heifer. The Jovian moon was discovered in 1610 and named for her by Galileo.
(ī’ō, ē’ō)
One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter and the fifth in distance from the planet. It was first sighted by Galileo. See Note at moon.

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