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Iris-nevus syndrome

iris-nevus syndrome n.
See iridocorneal endothelial syndrome.


Read Also:

  • Iris-out

    [ahy-ris-out] /ˈaɪ rɪsˈaʊt/ noun, Movies, Television. 1. the gradual disappearance of an image or scene through a contracting circle.

  • Iris pit

    iris pit n. A coloboma affecting the stroma of the iris with the pigment epithelium intact.

  • Iris recognition

    noun a type of pattern recognition of a person’s iris recorded in a database for future attempts to determine or recognize a person’s identity when the eye is viewed by a reader Examples Iris recognition combines computer vision, pattern recognition, statistics, and the human-machine interface.

  • Iris scan

    noun an electronic scan of the eye performed from about 10 cm to a few meters away, for identification purposes

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