an practice, trait, or idiom.
quality or spirit.
Historical Examples

He was not suited to strive with Bononcini on the ground of Italianism.
Handel Romain Rolland

We see in this the first blow struck at the triumphant Italianism.
Handel Romain Rolland

But it was its pure Italianism that prevented it from winning immediate success in Paris.
How Music Developed W. J. Henderson

Here, therefore, is to be found an even deeper fear of Italianism, and here still sterner methods are employed to stamp it out.
Italy at War and the Allies in the West E. Alexander Powell

All that was essentially Spanish was for the time forgotten, submerged in an imported Italianism.
The Story of Seville Walter M. Gallichan

And again the latter wrote: “You have two excellent points in that poem—originality and Italianism.”
Leigh Hunt’s Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats Barnette Miller

an Italian custom or style
Italian quality or life, or the cult of either

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