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[Arabic jah-bir] /Arabic ˈdʒɑ bɪr/



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  • Jabiru

    [jab-uh-roo, jab-uh-roo] /ˈdʒæb əˌru, ˌdʒæb əˈru/ noun 1. a large stork, Jabiru mycteria, of the warmer regions of the New World. /ˈdʒæbɪˌruː/ noun 1. a large white tropical American stork, Jabiru mycteria, with a dark naked head and a dark bill 2. Also called black-necked stork, policeman bird. a large Australian stork, Xenorhyncus asiaticus, having […]

  • Jabneel

    built by God. (1.) A town in the north boundary of Judah (Josh. 15:11), called afterwards by the Greeks Jamnia, the modern Yebna, 11 miles south of Jaffa. After the fall of Jerusalem (A.D. 70), it became one of the most populous cities of Judea, and the seat of a celebrated school. (2.) A town […]

  • Jabneh

    building, (2 Chr. 26:6), identical with Jabneel (Josh. 15:11).

  • Jaboatao

    [zhah-bwah-toun] /ˌʒɑ bwɑˈtãʊ̃/ noun 1. a city in E Brazil, W of Recife.

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