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[jag-wahr, -yoo-ahr; especially British jag-yoo-er] /ˈdʒæg wɑr, -yuˌɑr; especially British ˈdʒæg yu ər/

a large spotted feline, Panthera onca, of tropical America, having a tawny coat with black rosettes: now greatly reduced in number and endangered in some areas.
a large feline mammal, Panthera onca, of S North America, Central America, and N South America, similar to the leopard but with a shorter tail and larger spots on its coat

big cat of the Americas (Felis onca), c.1600, from Portuguese jaguar, from Tupi jaguara, said to be a name “denoting any larger beast of prey” [Klein]. Also a type of British-made car; in this sense the abbreviation Jag is attested from 1959.


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