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an athletic shoe designed to be worn while jogging.


Read Also:

  • Jogging-pants

    plural noun 1. sweatpants, especially those used for jogging.

  • Jogging-suit

    noun 1. an outfit consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, used while exercising or as sportswear.

  • Joggle

    [jog-uh l] /ˈdʒɒg əl/ verb (used with object), joggled, joggling. 1. to shake slightly; move to and fro, as by repeated jerks; jiggle: She joggled the key in the lock a couple of times before getting the door open. 2. to cause to shake or totter as by a sudden, slight push; jostle. 3. to […]

  • Joggle-post

    noun 1. a wooden king post having notches or raised areas for receiving and supporting the feet of struts. 2. a post formed of timbers joggled together. noun 1. a post or beam consisting of two timbers joined to each other by joggles

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