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John constable

[kuhn-stuh-buh l, kon-] /ˈkʌn stə bəl, ˈkɒn-/

John, 1776–1837, English painter.
/ˈkʌnstəbəl; ˌkɒn-/
(in Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc) a police officer of the lowest rank
any of various officers of the peace, esp one who arrests offenders, serves writs, etc
the keeper or governor of a royal castle or fortress
(in medieval Europe) the chief military officer and functionary of a royal household, esp in France and England
an officer of a hundred in medieval England, originally responsible for raising the military levy but later assigned other administrative duties
John. 1776–1837, English landscape painter, noted particularly for his skill in rendering atmospheric effects of changing light

c.1200, “chief household officer, justice of the peace,” from Old French conestable (12c., Modern French connétable), “steward, governor,” principal officer of the Frankish king’s household, from Late Latin comes stabuli, literally “count of the stable” (established by Theodosian Code, c.438 C.E.), hence, “chief groom.” See count (n.). Second element is from Latin stabulum “stable, standing place” (see stable (n.)). Probably a translation of a Germanic word. Meaning “an officer of the peace” is from c.1600, transferred to “police officer” 1836. French reborrowed constable 19c. as “English police.”


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