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Joseph crater

[krey-ter] /ˈkreɪ tər/

Joseph Force
[fawrs,, fohrs] /fɔrs,, foʊrs/ (Show IPA), 1889–? a judge of the New York State Supreme Court: his mysterious disappearance on August 6, 1930, has never been solved.
the bowl-shaped opening at the top or side of a volcano or top of a geyser through which lava and gases are emitted
a similarly shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or exploding bomb
any of the circular or polygonal walled formations covering the surface of the moon and some other planets, formed probably either by volcanic action or by the impact of meteorites. They can have a diameter of up to 240 kilometres (150 miles) and a depth of 8900 metres (29 000 feet)
a pit in an otherwise smooth surface
a large open bowl with two handles, used for mixing wines, esp in ancient Greece
to make or form craters in (a surface, such as the ground)
(slang) to fail; collapse; crash
noun (Latin genitive) Crateris (ˈkreɪtərɪs)
a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Virgo and Hydra

1610s, from Latin crater, from Greek krater “bowl for mixing wine with water,” from kera- “to mix,” from PIE root *kere- “to mix, confuse; cook” (see rare (adj.2)). Used in Latin for bowl-shaped mouth of a volcano. Applied to features of the Moon since 1860. As a verb, from 1830 in poetry, 1872 in science. Related: Cratered; cratering.

crater cra·ter (krā’tər)
A circular depression or pit in the surface of a tissue or body part.


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