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[joi-stik] /ˈdʒɔɪˌstɪk/

Informal. the of an airplane, tank, or other vehicle.
Computers. a lever resembling this, used to control movement of a cursor or other graphic element for video games and computer graphics.
Compare (def 4), (def 3).
any leverlike switch for controlling, manipulating, guiding, or the like.
(informal) the control stick of an aircraft or of any of various machines
(computing) a lever by means of which the display on a screen may be controlled used esp for games, flight simulators, etc

also joy stick, 1910, aviators’ slang for the control lever of an airplane, from joy + stick (n.).


[the origin of the control-lever senses is uncertain; perhaps fr the tremulous shaking of the stick, perhaps fr the joyful sensation experienced while flying]


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