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Jumping-off place

[juhm-ping-awf, -of] /ˈdʒʌm pɪŋˈɔf, -ˈɒf/

a place for use as a starting point:
Paris was the jumping-off place for our tour of Europe.
an out-of-the-way place; the farthest limit of anything settled or civilized.
a starting point, as in an enterprise
a final or extreme condition
(Canadian) a place where one leaves civilization to go into the wilderness
(US) a very remote spot
A starting point for a journey or venture, as in This tiny village is the jumping-off place for our trek into the desert. This usage probably alludes to jumping into the water. [ Early 1800s ]
A very remote spot; also, the last place to be reached. For example, This was the jumping-off point for the first gold miners in Alaska. [ Early 1800s ]


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