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[kah-fee-klah-cher, -klach-er, kaw-] /ˈkɑ fiˌklɑ tʃər, -ˌklætʃ ər, ˈkɔ-/

a person who participates, especially regularly, in a .


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  • Kaffir

    [kaf-er, kah-fer] /ˈkæf ər, ˈkɑ fər/ noun, plural Kaffirs (especially collectively) Kaffir. 1. Disparaging and Offensive. (in South Africa) a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person: originally used of the Xhosa people only. 2. (lowercase) (def 4). 3. (lowercase) Islam. (def 2). /ˈkæfə/ noun (pl) -firs, -fir 1. (taboo) (in southern Africa) […]

  • Kaffir beer

    noun 1. (South African) a former, taboo name for sorghum beer

  • Kaffirboom

    /ˈkæfəˌbʊəm/ noun 1. (South African) a former, taboo name for Erythrina caffra, now known as coral tree

  • Kaffir corn

    noun 1. an old-fashioned and now taboo name for a Southern African variety of sorghum, cultivated in dry regions for its grain and as fodder Sometimes shortened to kaffir, (US) kafir

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