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James, 1763–1847, U.S. jurist.
[rok-wel,, -wuh l] /ˈrɒkˌwɛl,, -wəl/ (Show IPA), 1882–1971, U.S. illustrator and painter.
William, 1685–1748, English painter, architect, and landscape gardener.
a county in SE England. 1442 sq. mi. (3735 sq. km).
an ancient English kingdom in SE Great Britain.
a city in NE Ohio.
a town in central Washington.
a male given name: from the Old English name of a county in England.
knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception:
an idea beyond one’s ken.
range of sight or vision.
Chiefly Scot.

to know, have knowledge of or about, or be acquainted with (a person or thing).
to understand or perceive (an idea or situation).

Scots Law. to acknowledge as heir; recognize by a judicial act.
Archaic. to see; descry; recognize.
British Dialect Archaic.

to declare, acknowledge, or confess (something).
to teach, direct, or guide (someone).

British Dialect.

to have knowledge of something.
to understand.

Contemporary Examples

Where Were the Doctors to Testify at Roger Clemens’s Perjury Trial? Kent Sepkowitz June 19, 2012
Death of Kate Middleton Nurse Shows How Humiliation Can Lead to Suicide Kent Sepkowitz December 9, 2012
Doctors as Doormats in the David Petraeus Scandal Kent Sepkowitz November 13, 2012
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Grief: The Real Monster in The Babadook Tim Teeman December 18, 2014

Historical Examples

The White Rose of Langley Emily Sarah Holt
Hope and Have Oliver Optic
A Book of the West. Volume I Devon S. Baring-Gould
Hope and Have Oliver Optic
Rewards and Fairies Rudyard Kipling

a past tense and past participle of ken
a county of SE England, on the English Channel: the first part of Great Britain to be colonized by the Romans; one of the seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England until absorbed by Wessex in the 9th century ad. Apart from the Downs it is mostly low-lying and agricultural, specializing in fruit and hops. The Medway towns of Rochester and Gillingham became an independent unitary authority in 1998. Administrative centre: Maidstone. Pop (excluding Medway): 1 348 800 (2003 est). Area (excluding Medway): 3526 sq km (1361 sq miles)
William. ?1685–1748, English architect, landscape gardener, and interior designer
range of knowledge or perception (esp in the phrases beyond or in one’s ken)
verb kens, kenning, kenned, kent (kɛnt)
(Scot & Northern English, dialect) to know
(Scot & Northern English, dialect) to understand; perceive
(transitive) (archaic) to see
[National Mental Health Services] Knowledge Exchange Network


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