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[ker-uh-tn-ahyz] /ˈkɛr ə tnˌaɪz/

verb (used with or without object), keratinized, keratinizing.
to make or become keratinous.
/kɪˈrætɪˌnaɪz; ˈkɛrətɪ-/
to become or cause to become impregnated with keratin


Read Also:

  • Keratinosome

    keratinosome ke·rat·i·no·some (kə-rāt’n-ə-sōm’, kěr’ə-tĭn’ə-) n. A membrane-bound granule in the upper layers of the prickle cell layer of certain stratified squamous epithelia. Also called membrane-coating granule.

  • Keratinocyte

    keratinocyte ke·rat·i·no·cyte (kə-rāt’n-ə-sīt’, kěr’ə-tĭn’ə-) n. An epidermal cell that produces keratin.

  • Keratinous

    [kuh-rat-n-uh s] /kəˈræt n əs/ adjective 1. composed of or resembling ; horny. keratinous ke·rat·i·nous (kə-rāt’n-əs) adj.

  • Keratinous cyst

    keratinous cyst n. A keratin-containing epithelial cyst.

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