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[kee-hohl] /ˈkiˌhoʊl/

a for inserting a in a lock, especially one in the shape of a circle with a rectangle having a width smaller than the diameter of the circle projecting from the bottom.
Also called key. Basketball. the area at each end of the court that is bounded by two lines extending from the end line parallel to and equidistant from the sidelines and terminating in a circle around the foul line.
extremely private or intimate, especially with reference to information gained as if by peeping through a keyhole.
snooping and intrusive:
a keyhole investigator.
an aperture in a door or a lock case through which a key may be passed to engage the lock mechanism
any small aperture resembling a keyhole in shape or function
a transient column of vapour or plasma formed during the welding or cutting of materials, using high energy beams, such as lasers

1590s, from key (n.1) + hole (n.).


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  • Keyhole-saw

    noun 1. a compass saw for cutting keyholes, etc.

  • Keyhole surgery

    noun 1. surgery carried out through a very small incision noun any surgical procedure done with a fiber-optic video device and lasers or tiny instruments within a very small incision; also called laparoscopic surgery , minimally invasive surgery Usage Note medicine

  • Key indicator

    noun a singularly important sign that something will happen Examples The sales of durable goods is a key indicator for the economy.

  • Keying-sequence

    noun, Cryptography. 1. a sequence made up of letters or numbers that can encode or decode a polyalphabetic substitution cipher one letter at a time.

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