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a starter, as of a motorcycle, that operates by a downward kick on a pedal.


Read Also:

  • Kick stick

    noun phrase A marijuana cigarette (1960s+ Narcotics)

  • Kick-the-cat

    modifier Angry and frustrated: puts the IRS in a surly, kick-the-cat mood [1990s+; fr the image of one who kicks the cat when the real target of anger is unknown or unreachable]

  • Kick the habit

    see: kick a habit

  • Kick the tires

    verb phrase To make a quick and superficial inspection; do cursory checking: simplistic agrarian vision bought by the war-weary nation without kicking the tires/ has asked PC Magazine to kick the tires and slam the doors [1970s+; fr such an examination made while appraising a car]

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