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Kleene closure

Kleene star


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  • Kleene star

    text (Or “Kleene closure”, named after Stephen Kleene) The postfix “*” operator used in regular expressions, Extended Backus-Naur Form, and similar formalisms to specify a match for zero or more occurrences of the preceding expression. For example, the regular expression “be*t” would match the string “bt”, “bet”, “beet”, “beeeeet”, and so on. (2000-07-26)

  • Kleenex

    [klee-neks] /ˈkli nɛks/ Trademark. 1. a brand name for a soft, disposable paper tissue, used especially as a handkerchief. /ˈkliːnɛks/ noun (pl) -ex, -exes 1. trademark a kind of soft paper tissue, used esp as a handkerchief n. 1925, proprietary name, registered by Cellucotton Products Company, Neenah, Wisconsin, U.S.; later Kimberly-Clark Corp. An arbitrary alteration […]

  • Kleiber

    [klahy-buh r] /ˈklaɪ bər/ noun 1. Erich [ey-rikh] /ˈeɪ rɪx/ (Show IPA), 1890–1956, Austrian orchestra conductor.

  • Klein

    [klahyn] /klaɪn/ noun 1. Felix [fee-liks;; German fey-liks] /ˈfi lɪks;; German ˈfeɪ lɪks/ (Show IPA), 1849–1925, German mathematician. 2. Melanie, 1882–1960, British psychoanalyst, specialist in treatment of children, born in Austria. /klaɪn/ noun 1. Calvin (Richard). born 1942, US fashion designer 2. Melanie. 1882–1960, Austrian psychoanalyst resident in England (from 1926), noted for her work […]

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