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[neel] /nil/

verb (used without object), knelt or kneeled, kneeling.
to go down or rest on the knees or a knee.
the action or position of kneeling.
verb kneels, kneeling, knelt, kneeled
(intransitive) to rest, fall, or support oneself on one’s knees
the act or position of kneeling

Old English cneowlian, from cneow (see knee (n.)); cf. Middle Low German knelen, Middle Dutch cnielen, Dutch knielen Gothic knussjan. Past tense knelt is a modern formation (19c.) on analogy of feel/felt, etc. Related: Kneeling.


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  • Knee-length

    adjective 1. reaching to the knee: a knee-length skirt, knee-length boots

  • Kneeler

    [nee-ler] /ˈni lər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. a bench, pad, or the like, to on. 3. a stone for supporting inclined masonry, as coping stones. 4. (def 8).

  • Kneeling-bus

    noun 1. a bus that can lower its body or entrance door to facilitate boarding by the elderly or people with disabilities.

  • Kneepad

    [nee-pad] /ˈniˌpæd/ noun 1. a of leather, foam rubber, etc., as one worn by football or basketball players to protect the . /ˈniːˌpæd/ noun 1. any of several types of protective covering for the knees Also called kneecap

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