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[nik-erz] /ˈnɪk ərz/

noun, (used with a plural verb)
Also, knickerbockers
[nik-er-bok-erz] /ˈnɪk ərˌbɒk ərz/ (Show IPA). loose-fitting short trousers gathered in at the knees.
Chiefly British.

British Informal. a woman’s or girl’s short-legged underpants.
to get one’s knickers in a twist, British Slang. to get flustered or agitated:
Don’t get your knickers in a twist every time the telephone rings.
plural noun
an undergarment for women covering the lower trunk and sometimes the thighs and having separate legs or leg-holes
a US variant of knickerbockers
(slang) get one’s knickers in a twist, to become agitated, flustered, or upset

“short, loose-fitting undergarment,” now usually for women but not originally so, 1866, shortening of knickerbockers (1859), said to be so called for their resemblance to the trousers of old-time Dutchmen in Cruikshank’s illustrations for Washington Irving’s “History of New York” (see knickerbocker).

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