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Know all the angles

verb phrase

To understand all the aspects of something; to be extremely knowledgeable: know all the angles of this business


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  • Know all the answers

    verb phrase Also, know a thing or two ; know it all ; know one’s way around . Be extremely knowledgeable or experienced. These idioms may be used somewhat differently, expressing overconfidence, as in Helen always knew all the answers, or thought she did , or competence, as in Bob knows a thing or two […]

  • Know a thing or two

    verb phrase To have practical sagacity; be worldly-wise; know what’s what (1792+) see: know all the answers

  • Know beans

    see: not know beans

  • Know better

    Be able to recognize something as wrong or not possible, as in Mary should know better than to leave her child alone in the house, or Try to get in without a ticket? You know better than that. [ c. 1700 ]

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