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Know something inside out

verb phrase

To be very familiar with something: know baseball inside out/ know parallel parking backwards


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  • Know the score

    verb phrase To have essential and current information; understand what is important: You look like a smart lad who knows the score (1940s+) Also, know what’s what. Understand what is happening; be familiar with the real story or the full situation. For example, It will take the new legislators some time to know the score, […]

  • Know the time of day

    verb phrase To be knowledgeable (1897+)

  • Know what one can do with something

    verb phrase (Variations: where one can put [or shove or stick or stuff] may replace what one can do with) To know that one’s offer, request, possession, etc, is held in extreme contempt •A euphemized way of saying that one can take something and stick it up his or her ass: I saw the contract, […]

  • Know what one is talking about

    verb phrase To be very knowledgeable •Often used in the negative, denoting speaking in ignorance: popped off without knowing what he was talking about (1920+)

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