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Arthur, 1905–83, British novelist, critic, and journalist; born in Hungary.
Contemporary Examples

Koestler seems to have been found boring, sexually, as often as overardent.
The Best of Brit Lit Peter Stothard July 21, 2010

[XVIII, 2941, pp. 164–5; typewritten with handwritten postscript] Koestler replied on March 23.
George Orwell Teaches You How to Review Books George Orwell August 14, 2013

Anyway, Koestler was no doubt happy to leave readers wondering if any writer could be trusted.
In A Very Deep Way: Remembering Rabbi David Hartman Bernard Avishai February 20, 2013

Koestler referred to the “logic of the moist eye” in The Act of Creation.
Why Do We Cry? Michael Trimble January 9, 2013

Arthur. 1905–83, British writer, born in Hungary. Of his early antitotalitarian novels Darkness at Noon (1940) is outstanding. His later works, The Sleepwalkers (1959), The Act of Creation (1964), and The Ghost in the Machine (1967) reflect his interest in science, philosophy, and psychology. He committed suicide


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