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OK, thanks. Can be used as a (sarcastic) prefix, as in “plz2stfukthx”.


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  • K-truss

    [key-truhs] /ˈkeɪˌtrʌs/ noun, Architecture. 1. a truss having in each panel two diagonals running from the ends of one post to the center of the adjacent post, the arrangement being symmetrical about the center of the truss.

  • K-turn

    noun three-point turn Examples The K-turn used to be called a 3-point turn, but now they accept that you may have to shunt a few times, depending on the width of the road available and the size of the car.

  • Kuala-lumpur

    [kwah-luh loo m-poo r] /ˈkwɑ lə lʊmˈpʊər/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Malaysia, in the SW Malay Peninsula. [muh-ley-uh] /məˈleɪ ə/ noun 1. . 2. Federation of. Formerly Malay States, Malayan Union. a former federation of 11 states in the S : a British protectorate 1948–57; now forms part of Malaysia. […]

  • Kuangchou

    [gwahng-joh] /ˈgwɑŋˈdʒoʊ/ noun 1. Wade-Giles. .

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