a blatantly sarcastic way of saying “ok, thanks” in 1337 sp3ak.
-internet talk isn’t even worthy of being called a dialect. it’s a mutilation of language, and we are the people who have to compensate for it’s brazen idiocy.
-lol kthx

domo-kun says it all.
the root “word” of several kthx- phrases. (such as kthxbye and kthxdie) commonly used in irc chats to express sarcastic lameness, implying that you’re having to step down to talking “their” language when addressing a lamer.
hay can u help me intsall lunix for wondows?
– op has banned [email protected]
– llama has been kicked from #example by op (plzdiekthxbye)
ok thanks is a way to p-ss someone off at the end of a sentence. letting them know what a r-t-rd they are and that you have the last word.
youre an idiot and i hate you. suck it k thx.
among other usages of this word, if someone is being a real idiot, it can be used after you prove them wrong/make them look like a fool/pwn them.
idiot: 2+2=5
anybody else: no, 2+2=4. learn some math. kthx.
this is an abbreviation for “okay, i’m done f-cking socializing with you now leave me the f-ck alone before i leave golf-ball sized dents on your cranium.”

used commonly in internet conversations to politely end an argument.
hey. do u like dogs?

what? gtfo, go hang upside-down from a vent and have your baby sister play piñata with an aluminum bat while a monkey repeatedly shoves it’s disease-infested feces down your esophogus. k’thx.

derived from years of irc word creation
shortened and “strengthened” form of “kay, thanks” in that it carries more power than saying “kay, thanks” would. also used as a prefix of suffix (see examples)
fred: die plzkthx.
bob: plz2stf-kthx
fred: kthx
shortened form of “okay thanks”, in ironic or sarcastic defiance of possible disagreement from the other party.
dad i can take your car today kthxbai

go educate yourself kthx


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