Akira [ah-kee-rah] /ɑˈki rɑ/ (Show IPA), 1910–1998, Japanese film director.
Contemporary Examples

Conan the Barbarian wants to talk about Baudelaire, Kurosawa, his hopes and dreams.
Conan Gets Emotional Adam Auriemma August 20, 2011

Lots of Citizen Kane, plenty of Kurosawa and Fellini, not quite as much French New Wave as you might think.
Confession: I Never Liked Raging Bull Michael Tomasky August 2, 2012

Kurosawa made two movies that showed you how to move—the excitement, joy, hydraulics, and all.
What Asian Film Remakes Like ‘Oldboy’ Get Wrong Jimmy So November 25, 2013

I read that it was based on a real-life commercial that your father shot with Kurosawa?
Sofia Coppola Discusses ‘Lost in Translation’ on Its 10th Anniversary Marlow Stern September 11, 2013

My dad and Kurosawa did a Suntory commercial which they shot at our house in San Francisco.
Sofia Coppola Discusses ‘Lost in Translation’ on Its 10th Anniversary Marlow Stern September 11, 2013

Akira (əˈkɪərə). 1910–99, Japanese film director. His works include Rashomon (1950), The Seven Samurai (1954), The Throne of Blood (1957), Kagemusha (1980), Ran (1985), and Madadayo (1993)

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