[Dutch ahl-buh rt] /Dutch ˈɑl bərt/ (Show IPA), .

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  • A.l.

    Baseball. American League. American Legion. . autograph letter. Contemporary Examples In 2001 Scottish writer A.L. Kennedy had some harsh words about the prize, calling it “a pile of crooked nonsense.” The 12 Biggest Booker Prize Controversies Thomas Flynn July 22, 2013 Plus, A.L. Bardach on whether Arnold’s lying to smooth over his past. Arnold Schwarzenegger […]

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    American Library Association. Associate in Liberal Arts. Authors League of America. Automobile Legal Association.

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    . abbreviation air-launched cruise missile: a type of cruise missile that can be launched from an aircraft air-launched cruise missile

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    additional living expense.

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    Alain LeRoy [al-in luh-roi,, lee-roi] /ˈæl ɪn ləˈrɔɪ,, ˈli rɔɪ/ (Show IPA), 1886–1954, U.S. educator and author. David Ross (“Petroleum V. Nasby”) 1833–88, U.S. humorist and journalist. John, 1632–1704, English philosopher. Contemporary Examples My first book that dealt with these matters was “English Political writers: From Locke to Burke” (Knopf, 1963). Obama is the Real […]

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