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Kurt alder

[ahl-der; German ahl-duh r] /ˌɑl dər; German ˈɑl dər/

Kurt [kurt;; German koo rt] /kɜrt;; German kʊərt/ (Show IPA), 1902–58, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1950.
any N temperate betulaceous shrub or tree of the genus Alnus, having toothed leaves and conelike fruits. The bark is used in dyeing and tanning and the wood for bridges, etc because it resists underwater rot
any of several similar trees or shrubs

tree related to the birch, Old English alor “alder” (with intrusive -d- added 14c.; the historical form aller survived until 18c. in literary English and persists in dialects, e.g. Lancashire owler, which is partly from Norse), from Proto-Germanic *aliso (cf. Old Norse ölr, Danish elle, Swedish al, Dutch els, German erle), from *el-, the ancient PIE name of the tree (cf. Russian olicha, Polish olcha, Latin alnus, Lithuanian alksnis).

Alder Al·der (äl’dər), Kurt. 1902-1958.

German chemist. He shared a 1950 Nobel Prize for discoveries concerning the structure of organic matter.


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