[dutch ahl-buh rt] /dutch ˈɑl bərt/ (show ipa), .

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  • Alcm

    . abbreviation air-launched cruise missile: a type of cruise missile that can be launched from an aircraft air-launched cruise missile

  • Santa anna

    antonio lópez de [ahn-taw-nyaw law-pes th e] /ɑnˈtɔ nyɔ ˈlɔ pɛs ðɛ/ (show ipa), 1795?–1876, mexican general and revolutionist: dictator 1844–45; president 1833–35, 1853–55. historical examples santa anna’s command comprised at least twenty thousand mexicans. the nation in a nutsh-ll george makepeace towle “i am besieged by a thousand or more of mexicans, under santa […]

  • Lavoisier

    antoine laurent [ahn-twan loh-rahn] /ɑ̃ˈtwan loʊˈrɑ̃/ (show ipa), 1743–94, french scientist: pioneer in the field of chemistry. historical examples within a week lavoisier and 27 others were condemned to death. encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 16, slice 3 various in 1804 he married the widow of the ill-strious chemist lavoisier: he died in 1814. little […]

  • Schawlow

    arthur leonard, 1921–99, u.s. physicist: n-bel prize 1981.

  • Wegener

    alfred lothar [ahl-freyt loh-tahr,, loh-tahr] /ˈɑl freɪt ˈloʊ tɑr,, loʊˈtɑr/ (show ipa), 1880–1930, german meteorologist and geophysicist: originated theory of continental drift. historical examples thorpe alludes in a note to a german poem by wegener, which i have not seen. the science of fairy tales edwin sidney hartland romantic student clubs at lutter’s and wegener’s […]

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