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[kwik] /kwɪk/

of or designating an alphabetical concordance of the principal terms in a text showing every occurrence of each term surrounded by a few words of the context.
noun acronym
key word in context (esp in the phrase KWIC index)

keyword in context
keyword in context


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  • Kwim

    [you] know what I mean?

  • Kwoc

    /kwɒk/ noun acronym 1. key word out of context

  • Kwolek

    Kwolek (kwŏl’ěk’) American chemist who pioneered the use of polymers to make synthetic fibers. She developed the first liquid crystal polymer fiber, now used to make many products, including bulletproof vests.

  • Kwt

    abbreviation 1. Kuwait (international car registration) Kuwait (international vehicle ID)

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