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[lam-bith] /ˈlæm bɪθ/

a borough of Greater London, England.
a borough of S Greater London, on the Thames: contains Lambeth Palace (the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury). Pop: 268 500 (2003 est). Area: 27 sq km (11 sq miles)
the Archbishop of Canterbury in his official capacity

used metonymically for “Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury,” 1859, from the archbishop’s palace in Lambeth, a South London borough. The Lambeth Walk was a Cockney song and dance, popularized in Britain 1937 in the revue “Me and my Gal,” named for a street in the borough. The place name is Old English lambehyðe, “place where lambs are embarked or landed.”


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  • Lambeth-conference

    noun 1. a convention of the bishops of the Anglican communion, held about every 10 years at Lambeth Palace to confer but not to define doctrine or to legislate on ecclesiastical matters. noun 1. the decennial conference of Anglican bishops, begun in 1867 See also Lambeth Quadrilateral

  • Lambeth-degree

    noun, Anglican Church. 1. an honorary degree conferred by the archbishop of Canterbury in divinity, arts, law, medicine, or music.

  • Lambeth-palace

    noun 1. the official residence of the archbishop of Canterbury, in Lambeth.

  • Lambeth quadrilateral

    noun 1. the four essentials agreed upon at the Lambeth Conference of 1888 for a United Christian Church, namely, the Holy Scriptures, the Apostles’ Creed, the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion, and the historic episcopate

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