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[lang-kuh-ster; for 4–8 also lang-kas-ter] /ˈlæŋ kə stər; for 4–8 also ˈlæŋ kæs tər/

the English royal family that reigned 1399–1461, descended from John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster), and that included Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI.
Compare (def 1).
a member of this family.
a city in , in NW England.
a city in SE Pennsylvania.
a town in S California.
a city in central Ohio.
a town in N Texas.
a town in W New York.
a city in NW England, former county town of Lancashire, on the River Lune: castle (built on the site of a Roman camp); university (1964). Pop: 45 952 (2001)
/ˈlæŋkəstə; ˈlæŋˌkæstə/
the English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461

Loncastre (1086) “Roman Fort on the River Lune,” a Celtic river name probably meaning “healthy, pure.” The Lancastrians in the War of the Roses took their name from their descent from John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.


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