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noun, Linguistics.
a trait or property of language that exists, or has the potential to exist, in all languages.


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  • Langue

    [lahng] /lɑ̃g/ noun, French. 1. the linguistic system shared by the members of a community (contrasted with ). /lɑːŋɡ/ noun 1. (linguistics) language considered as an abstract system or a social institution, being the common possession of a speech community Compare parole (sense 5)

  • Langue-de-boeuf

    [French lahng duh bœf] /French lɑ̃g də ˈbœf/ noun, plural langues de boeuf [French lahng duh bœf] /French lɑ̃g də ˈbœf/ (Show IPA) 1. .

  • Langue de chat

    /ˈlɑːŋ də ˈʃɑː/ noun 1. a flat sweet finger-shaped biscuit 2. a piece of chocolate having the same shape

  • Languedoc

    [lahng-dawk] /lɑ̃gˈdɔk/ noun 1. a former province in S France. Capital: Toulouse. /French lɑ̃ɡdɔk/ noun 1. a former province of S France, lying between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the River Rhône: formed around the countship of Toulouse in the 13th century; important production of bulk wines 2. a wine from this region n. […]

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