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Mario (Alfredo Arnold Cocozza) 1921–59, U.S. tenor and film actor.
Contemporary Examples

One thing that seems notable in retrospect is the book Lanza made as part of a class project in the fifth grade.
We Already Know What Adam Lanza’s Real Motive Was at Sandy Hook Michael Daly November 25, 2013

What Lanza shows us is the limits of the obvious policy responses.
There’s Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre Megan McArdle December 16, 2012

They also found a videotape of Lanza shooting guns with his friends.
Newtown, Conn., Struggles With Its Newfound Notoriety Christine Pelisek December 16, 2012

Another difference is that Lanza had no trouble taking his life as impulse translated from finger to trigger.
Pictures Drawn by Slain Children Underline Need for Gun Control Michael Daly January 16, 2013

Lanza was proceeding to do what he really wanted, to kill children, when the rifle jammed.
We Already Know What Adam Lanza’s Real Motive Was at Sandy Hook Michael Daly November 25, 2013

Historical Examples

Leader Lanza sat in his suite at State House, conferring with his subordinates.
Category Phoenix Boyd Ellanby

She helped Leah to her feet, and Lanza followed them from the room.
Category Phoenix Boyd Ellanby

Nodding his head, Dr. Lanza glanced briefly around the office.
Category Phoenix Boyd Ellanby

“Just a minute,” said Lanza, trying to bring his eyes into focus on the excited girl.
Category Phoenix Boyd Ellanby

“He was with the soldiers who took Santa Cruz, and he wears the cap from a warship,” replied Lanza.
The Campaign of the Jungle Edward Stratemeyer


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