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noun, Optics.
the ratio of the height of the image to the height of the object in a lens or other optical system.


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  • Lateral-meristem

    noun 1. meristem located along the sides of a part, as a stem or root. lateral meristem One of the two meristems in vascular plants (the cork cambium and the vascular cambium) in which secondary growth occurs, resulting in increase in stem girth. Also called secondary meristem. Compare primary meristem. See more at cambium, secondary […]

  • Lateral-moraine

    noun, Geology. 1. a moraine formed at the side of a glacier. lateral moraine See under moraine.

  • Lateral nystagmus

    lateral nystagmus n. A nystagmus in which the eyes oscillate from side to side.

  • Lateral-pass

    noun, Football. 1. a short pass thrown or tossed parallel to the line of scrimmage or slightly backward from the position of the passer.

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